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12.05.2016 - Krzys is hit by a head-on collision

Krzys was coming back home, as always driving properly his motorbike. 2 kms from his house, An Audi A4 driven by a 26-year-old speeder crashed into Krzysztof’s motorbike in a place where there is a 50 km/h speed limit. Because of the speed, the car lost its stability, changed its way and hit Krzysztof’s motorbike, which became totally damaged, throwing him far away. After the hit, he was awaken but because of many-parted body’s injuries he couldn’t move. He couldn’t have realized how many hurts he got. He didn’t feel his broken arms and legs, breathing was getting harder and harder with every minute. As it was seen later, lungs were crushed, there were a lot of holes inside. His spine and spinal cord were broken. A lot of bones were broken too: ribs, arm’s bones, leg’s bones (thigh bone was totally damaged). Cerebral artery got delaminated, cerebral oedema appeared, brain had a lot of injuries, it was going to catastrophe.

Time in hospital, fighting for life

Krzys was immediately taken to hospital in Toruń. After a short examination, seeing how many were damaged during the accident, he was transported to bigger and modern hospital in Bydgoszcz. There he underwent first of many-hour-long operations. The surgeons took out pieces of broken cranial vertebra from his spine and an implant was used to replace the broken one. Unfortunately, he started to have problems with breathing because of cerebral oedema. He had a tracheotomy done, spleen was cut out and he had a surgery on his thigh bone and a broken arm. Because of damaged lungs he was transported to next, specialist hospital, where fighting for his life was continued. He was dying 7 times… Doctors haven’t been giving up. Damaged lungs started working because of medical’s staff superhuman effort. He had his blood filtered, kidney machine was implanted. Krzys had the most serious type of sepsis two times. He stayed in hospital to 17th of October…

The most important - cure and physiotherapy

It wasn’t easy to come back home. Firstly, Krzys, with damaged spinal cord, was moved to Physiotherapy Unit. After two days, he came back to the Intensive Care Unit. Being introduced in coma, he couldn’t be awaken. He lost his mind. And then, he woke up. It was a miracle. He was written out from hospital as a patient sentenced to lying, constantly connected to respirator, he started fighting for getting well. There were problems, of course. He was rehabilitated in hospital in Lublin in January in 2017, where, after one month, he was taken to the Intensive Care Unit again, where doctors were fighting for his life. They did it. He stayed alive. He came back home after two months. Young man, because of many people’s effort, had few injections of stem cells. He is rehabilitated few hours every day, he is getting well slowly. It was possible to take respirator out, Krzys breaths on his own. The tracheotomy tube was taken out. It is not known if he will be able to walk again. He still fights to have feeling and movement in his hands, now he can not control them. It is so important to help him.

Krzysztof Lewandowski

He was 17 years old, when accident took place. He was full of ideas and passions. He was always put first as a good student. He was e.x. in the student government. His feature was medicine, he was planning to be a doctor. He was active member of Scout’s Rescue Team, achieving paramedic eligibilities. As a sailing license owner, he sailed a lot - being superior active. Every winter, he went snowboarding and skiing. Learning many years in music schools, he played the piano and the guitar. He composed his own music, sharing his soundtracks on website YouTube.com.

Now, after the accident – everything is changed. Krzys is paralyzed, from chest to legs. Damaged spinal cord blocked him totally. He can’t move his body to the wheelchair without his family help. He moves his arms, wrists – but his hands can’t move. He is not able to move his fingers. Krzys is not able to live alone, he needs his family help in daily activities.

Good student, Salesian

He is a very good student of 3rd class of the high school no. 5 in Toruń. He graduated from Salesian’s School in Toruń and he is still in touch with them. He has always been engaged in school life and helping others where it was necessary.

Full of passions and hobbies

As many teenagers, Krzys has a lot of hobbies. He have a sailing license, he was building his own yacht all by himself. He composes his own music - most of it you can find on YouTube.com. He plays the piano and the guitar. He loves making movies and snowboard. He practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Plans about the future

His plans were combined with medicine - he wanted to be a doctor. He helped people working in Scouting Medical - Rescue Club, He was a member of WOPR (The water rescue team). He did it all to help other people. Now - he needs our help...

Accident - information and comments

  • "Terrifying accident took place about 2 p.m. in Silno (Obrowo borough) yesterday. A 26-year-old-Audi driver, following route 654 to Grabowiec, lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a motorbike travelling in the opposite direction ridden by a 17-year-old rider."
    Nowości News, 13.05.2016
    an on-line newspaper link
  • "Yesterday, about 2 p.m. in Silno (Obrowo borough) there was an accident. The policeman from Toruń said that a 26-year-old-Audi driver, driving route 654 to Grabowiec, lost control of his car and ploughed into the other lane."
    Pomorska News, 13.05.2016
    an on-line newspaper link
  • "A Student from Toruń high school has been fighting for life for 3 weeks. Now, he is going to have a long and expensive therapy. His parents and friends are appealing for help."
    Pomorska News, 13.06.2016
    an on-line newspaper link
    the paper scan
  • "The accident took place in such a place that there is only one conclusion - if driver lost control in that place (I was there, the helmet and the motorbike had already been there) - he must have been driving too fast."
    one of the comments in Nowości News, 18.05.2016 22:04
  • "(…) the driver involved in the accident is fine, but a boy who was riding properly is in hospital."
    one of comments in Nowości News, 13.05.2016 20:42

Are there any chances for improvement ?

Yes, of course. Doctors were saying, discharging Krzys out from hospital, predicting his feature as everyday lying in the bed, he would be constantly connected to respirator. Because of family effort, after injections with stem cells and regular physiotherapy, he started to be more healthy. Krzys breaths by himself, he doesn’t use respirator’s at all. Sitting on the wheelchair, he can move on his own. He uses computer almost only with his hands – earlier it was possible only with eyes. Krzys is stronger, he is able to sit alone, without anybody’s support. He start sometimes to feel his arms and legs. He can move with his fingers occasionally. All of it gives a ray of hope for forward progress and being healthy.

How we can help ?

After accident a lot of people have helped us. Many of them, often unknown to us, gave theirs blood for Krzys. A lot of people helped us making donations to Association "Przywrocic Marzenia" which is responsible for organizing help for Krzys. Thanks to this, Krzysztof can be supported in all his activities related with improving his health - what is extremely important in further recovery. It is very important for us - thank you!

Improving health condition of Krzys is not everything. We have a lot of work to do – main goal is everyday physiotherapy. Everyday, many-houred exercises with physiotherapists is a huge cost, which family have to pay. Next injections with stem cells cost a lot, also. Referring to that, we kindly ask you for financial support. If you are able to help us, making donation - please, do not hesitate. Every small help, each donation helps Krzys to getting well. Maybe will he be walk again because of your help...

Please, make any donations using below attached data:

(US name translation: "Restore Dreams Association")

address: Grabowiec 68
post code / post: 87-124 Złotoria
country: Poland
tax ident. number: PL8792685229

Bank account number (EUR currency)
PL 49 1050 1979 1000 0090 3096 6270

Bank account number (PLN currency)
PL 71 1050 1979 1000 0090 3096 6262

ING BANK SLASKI S.A. Dept.: Torun, Poland

1% of PIT (annually tax declaration)

If you are able, please, donate 1% of PIT to Krzys. You only have to declare in PIT:

Organizacja Pożytku Publicznego: Caritas Diecezji Toruńskiej
KRS: 0000225584
Cel szczegółowy 1%: Dla Krzysztofa Lewandowskiego

Here are expenses we have to pay in the nearest future:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Essential for further motoric improvement
    • Assistance in co-financing rehabilitation activities with the participation of physiotherapists.
    • Collecting funds for rehabilitation batch. The one, two weeks long camp costs more them 6,000 PLN!
    • Costs of paid, non-refundable medical consultations.
  • Stem cell therapy
    • Innovative in the world, it gives a real chance to rebuild the damaged core. Necessary for a further successful prognosis after hospitalization.
    • Three additional injectins planned, with cost of one almost 20,000. zł
  • Medical equipment
  • Necessary expenses related to medical equipment needs
    • Purchases of equipment (often unavailable in Poland) for the purposes of person with tetraplegia
    • Purchase of car adapted to disabled person transportation
    • Equipment for further learning

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If you want to help us - call us or write to us. We will accept every form of help as long as it helps to krzysztof.

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Banking accounts:
(US name translation: "Restore Dreams Association")

address: Grabowiec 68
post code / post: 87-124 Złotoria
country: Poland
tax ident. number: PL8792685229

Bank account number (EUR currency)
PL 49 1050 1979 1000 0090 3096 6270

Bank account number (PLN currency)
PL 71 1050 1979 1000 0090 3096 6262

ING BANK SLASKI S.A. Dept.: Torun, Poland

Association "Przywrócić Marzenia" which was charted by Toruń Borough Starost in 16.06.2016 in associations evidence is owner of this accounts. Here - official association data:

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